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Individual Threads, Bound By Love...

Create Your Family Tapestry

Have you ever looked at the back side of a tapestry, needlepoint, or embroidery project? There is a mish-mash of different colors, textures and textiles in a tangled mess. However, those individual components, woven or sewn together, create something beautiful on the face of the needle art piece. 

The same is true of today's modern families. The hodge-podge of individual people, each with their own personalities, strengths and quirks, can seem messy at times, but come together to make a beautiful new creation. Some families combine to make something new, some have 2 moms or 2 dads, while others may have lots of different colors and cultures. The whole family is greater than the sum of its individual members, and it is a wondrous work. Think about the story of your family tapestry and recognize the beauty that lies within.

Family Love

Sandy Reder is a location-based photographer specializing in portraits of families. She loves working with children and adults of all ages to create beautiful images of a slice of your life to illustrate your family's tapestry. 

As a photographer and a momma, a scrap-booker and sentimentalist, it is no surprise to discover that Sandy is passionate about photographs – tangible hold-in-your-hands photographs. Keepsakes that stay with you as your family tapestry changes and remind you of your wonderful, crazy life.

Sandy offers custom artwork that you can enjoy every day. Printed images - something touchable and lovely to behold. These are wall art pieces, folio boxes and albums that will last to pass on to your children, and with proper care, to the generations to follow as your family tapestry continues to expand and grow. 

With your beautiful portraits you receive a gift of the same image files – sized for web usage - so that you can easily share your custom portraits with family and friends. 

When your custom artwork is created by Sandy Reder Photography, you will have treasures that find a place of honor in your home, and become another piece of your family tapestry.

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